Our expertise

Working with you to achieve
your growth objectives

As a specialist in small and mid-cap merger-acquisition deals, Auraïa assists shareholders and company leaders in France and internationally with all their corporate finance strategy requirements: selling a company, acquisitions, or fundraising.

As an independent merger-acquisition advisor, Auraïa helps management teams to define the best strategy for their company. A shared vision and a collective understanding of how to reach this goal are the keys to success. Aim: to challenge senior managers, help them get perspective, and devise the right strategy to reach specific targets.

Our expertise draws on a vast network of contacts and partners, and over 30 years’ experience in operational consultancy for businesses in Switzerland, France and many European countries.

Our approach


Building a relationship based on trust

Every business is unique, as is every entrepreneur and business leader. In order to establish the best strategy, we take a deep dive into your company, analyse it in detail, and take the time to understand your personality, your issues, and your expectations.


Developing a constructive partnership

We take a pragmatic approach to helping you define and build the structure, organisation and operational processes tailored to your corporate finance projects, as well as the resources you need to reach your targets rapidly.


Forming the best team for a successful deal

In the interests of efficiency, we draw on our network of experienced leaders who know their industry inside out, as well as local experts (auditors, lawyers, tax experts, headhunters, etc.) to surround our customers with the best possible team in order to ensure a successful transaction.


Devising a successful strategy

Auraïa offers its strategic vision and entrepreneurial expertise to management in order to open up new perspectives and clearly define the best way forward for a company.

Selling companies

Auraïa handles the whole of the sale process, whether partial or total, offers a specialist perspective to highlight any issues and facilitates a smooth sale for your asset, offering you peace of mind:

  • full analysis and valuation of the company;
  • preparatory work (identifying and solving any impediments to a sale);
  • identification of potential buyers and/or investors (targeting, categorisation and approach);
  • devising and implementing the sale strategy (commercialising, auditing, financial structure);
  • final negotiations, optimising conditions, closing the deal.

our objective: to obtain the best deal and the best possible outcome for our customers

Buying companies

Auraïa offers bespoke support to business leaders with their external growth strategy to optimise their chances of success:

  • producing bespoke specifications;
  • identifying and approaching target companies that create value for the buyer, based on specific criteria (location, size, sector, financial situation, etc.);
  • producing meticulous analysis of the targets identified;
  • devising an acquisition strategy (valuation, due diligence, financial structuring);
  • final negotiations, advice and implementation of management packages or profit-sharing / loyalty schemes for key people, closing the deal.


Companies can sometimes find themselves in need of external funding to speed up organic growth, complete an acquisition, or buyout certain shareholders. Auraïa can support you throughout this process to seek new investors, and facilitate contacts with the latter as part of expansion capital operations:

  • drawing up a detailed strategy;
  • defining funding requirements;
  • identifying investors (targets, categorisation and approach);
  • devising the right strategy (valuation, due diligence, drafting funding agreements, buyout conditions);
  • final negotiations, closing the deal.

Auraïa draws on a wide European network of private investors, family offices and institutional investors to identify and win over the best investors.